C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e TN210872/01
Live Oaks O'Kay-C Mardi Gras Gem Jenkar Solid Gold Charm O'Kay-C Ch. Char Gin's Zip-A-Do-Do-Da-Ling CH. Pe-Ka's Char Gin Tu Win Sparkle Plenty REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: TN551565/03 BREED: SHIH TZU COLOR: gold-and-white BIRTH DATE: 07/16/1997 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: O'Kay-C AnGa's Star Dancer BREEDER(S): K C Phipps OWNER: Gabriele G. Pollmeier CO-OWNER: Ch. Woodsmoke's For Instance Ch. Woodsmoke's Keep In Touch Morknoll Time After Time Ch. Wingate's Bubble Bob TN141356/03
Ch. Wingate's Never Say Die, ROM Ch. Wingate's Never So Bubbli Wingate's A Star Is Born Ch. Dragonfire's Red Raider Ch. Dragonfire's Shooting Star Dragonfire's Lady Luck Starfire's Miss Behavin TM878302/02
Ch. Karyon the Devil Made Me Do It Karyon Devil's Burning Desire Karyon Kizzy's A Wonder Am.Can.Ch. Louwan Rebel Rouser, ROM Ch. Billie Follie Rapid Shaver CH. Billies Follie Little Shaver Ch. Jenkar Solid Gold Revenue TM993765/02
CH. Yingsu Rick O Chet Ch. Jenkar Winning Ticket Dansin Sweet As Cherry Am.Can.Ch. Louwan Rebel Rouser, ROM Ch. Billie Follie Lectric Shaver Char Gin's Lectric Charm CH. Billies Follie Little Shaver TD285811
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