C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e TR12809205
AnGa's Star A Shot In The Dark Phoebe Rae Suavez Hao Kan Only Tiffany V Felcor REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: TR49765402 BREED: SHIH TZU COLOR: gold&white BIRTH DATE: 03/15/2006 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: Home Alone At AnGa's Star BREEDER(S): Paul Suarez OWNER: Gabriele G. Pollmeier CO-OWNER: Ch. Wingate's Bubble Bob Live Oaks O'Kay-C Mardi Gras Gem TN141356/03
Starfire's Miss Behavin O'Kay-C AnGa's Star Dancer TM878302/02
Ch. Jenkar Solid Gold Revenue Jenkar Solid Gold Charm O'Kay-C TM993765/02
Char Gin's Lectric Charm TD285811
CH. TuChu's Sky's The Limit (ROM) Ch. Mishar's Sky Jack TM978122/01
Ming Dynasty Mishar's Ruffle Bun-Ting AnGa's Star Madison Hall TN690812/02
Ch. Bar-Lar Ming Dynasty's Trouble CH. Miss Daisy Bun Ting TN481064/01
Ch. Purple Jade Bunting's Glitter CH. Jen Kar Don Juan Demarco CH. Che-Lee Jen Kar River Dance TN51570302
Chi-Ni's Fortune Cookie TM 94575801
Felcors Mr. Bebop TN57351501
Penelope Brandy Nicole King TN86126002
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